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Yes…Emotional Tides Are Real And Can Be Healed!

Some times it’s hard to tell if we are involved in an emotional tide with someone.

Believe it or not, many of us have been!

We don’t even realize it until we find ourselves in a situation where anything said or done involving a former significant other negatively triggers us.

What do I mean you ask?

Read the following statements and answer them to yourself:

-Do I check the social media accounts of any ex?

-Are there certain characteristics of my current partner that cause me to be guarded toward my partner because they are similar to my ex?

-Have I recently considered getting back in relationship with someone who damaged me?

-Have I recently cried because I miss my former partner?

-Would I be upset if my ex got married?

If you answered yes to any of the following, there’s a strong chance that you have an emotional tide with someone.

No worries, you’ve come to the right post!

There’s certainly no judgement here and I am sharing on the topic of emotional tides because I know a thing a two about healing from emotional bonds.

By the time you finish reading, I am believing you will not only feel empowered, but you will start on a healthy journey to freedom.

Are you ready?

Yes, you didn’t have to answer that. 😄

So…What is an emotional tide?

An emotional tide is emotions that pull/connect toward an individual who formerly shared an emotional bond with someone.

When I first discovered I had an emotional tide, it was a couple months after a former relationship which ended. I wasn’t ready to end the relationship and I found myself in a depression.

Once a month, I would become overwhelmed with emotions and cry uncontrollably. It was like clockwork!

No matter where I was my body automatically set to cry from the thought of the individual. I even began to feed myself with negativity.

I forced myself to suffer in silence and I believed I was experiencing the hurt due to former unhealthy patterns I indulged in.

Though I was aware of the pain, I didn’t discover I had an emotional tide until someone made a suggestion for me to casually date. I instantly showed anger to the person.

How could they be so insensitive?

I just got of a relationship!

Did they really think I was going to move on that fast?

Then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so clear: I was still emotionally attached to that person.

Healing is a painful and necessary process.

I wish I could tell you the moment the Holy Spirit revealed my truth to me I surrendered.

To be honest, I can’t.

I held on to the hurt for months!

I was aware of my problem, but I put so much blame on myself that I started to grow bitter. Randomly, I began receiving invitations to weddings from old friends and I would decline or ignore the offers.

How could I truly be happy for my friends while I was hurting?

Finally, one day I heard a sermon on the story of Ruth and Naomi. I listened to the scriptures in the Bible before, but I believed God used the speaker to reveal a new revelation.

In the story, both of women faced unexpected and unfortunate events. The only difference between the two was the way each woman decided to move forward in life.

“When life sucks, don’t quit…work!” the speaker shared.

I held on to every word shared, made a decision I would no longer be bitter, like Naomi, and I would allow God to heal me from the emotional tide.

If you are experiencing an emotional tide, remember you are not alone and God can heal you.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Roman 8:18

Healing Nuggets!

First, listen to this clear: emotional tides are powerful and need proper removal from people we are no longer are connected to.

“Your purpose is proven when u give your life a way.” -Bianca Olthoff

Whenever we end relationships, we need time to properly heal from the person we chose to create a bond.

Suffering in silence is not healthy. It’s okay to seek therapy from a healthcare specialist or trusted leader in your church community.

Writer: BG

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