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You Deserve It!

When is the last time you received a gift?

Was it for your birthday? Christmas? Valentine’s Day?

Or, were you able to accept a just because gift?

Meaning, you received something special due to a random act of kindness!

How did it make you feel by someone going out of their way to give to you?

Now, most people are over joyed when receiving gifts, especially if it’s something they really wanted!

There are others who can accept a gift, but it becomes a bittersweet moment due to not having much experience in receiving generosity or unresolved guilt of being a former person who didn’t always give well to others.

Today, I want to speak to those people.

Let me rephrase that, today I want to speak to us!

You see, I know how it feels to be the hesitant receiver.

I understand you may be a person who loves to put the time and effort in making others smile, yet be hesitant to actually receive from someone.

I also understand there may have been a situation you experienced that caused you to create a mental wall and not fully enjoy the moment in receiving a gift.

Honey Bunches, if you are a giver and a hesitant receiver, let me share with you today’s first Healing Nugget:

There’s no true gift given that’s forced.

Let’s go back to that gift you received!

When the person gave you the gift, was there a ticking bomb attached to them?

Hopefully, you answered No 😄

The reason why you can answer no is the person who was giving you the gift had to be willing to give to you.

Now, I don’t believe there’s one blog post on this platform where I haven’t mentioned the Bible and this post will be no different!

When I think of unselfish giving, the first thought that comes to mind is salvation.

God willingly sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, for us to have the opportunity and choice in accepting eternal life.

Similar to being a hesitant receiver with our friends, family, and strangers, we may have accepted the gift of salvation from God, yet there are some of us who still hold on to the guilt of our past from actually living freely in the gift.

I say this to say I don’t believe when God gave us the gift of eternal life meant for us to live in fear, guilt, and shame on earth to only be free in Heaven.

And, if I can be transparent with you, I’m still learning how to not be a hesitant receiver with this very gift.

There are times where I know God has blessed me and made a way all while I question if I really deserve to have what He’s provided.

If this is you Honey Bunches, let me share with you a scripture that’s helping me.

God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Ephesians 2:8

God’s love is so full in grace and mercy that who we were before choosing Christ as our Savior is no longer who we are!

The gift of salvation is for us to fully receive.

My prayer is that starting today we will fully accept the gift of salvation. We will no longer allow who we were to overshadow the new person we are through Christ. May we give ourselves the same amount of grace that our Heavenly Father give us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! ❤️

Healing Nuggets!

There’s no true gift given that’s forced.

The gift of salvation is for us to fully receive.

Writer: Breonna Gildon

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