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The Affair Part III

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Spoiler Alert:

If you haven’t read the blog posts, The Affair or The Affair Part II ,

I highly recommend you read it before continuing to view The Affair Part III.

The Affair is a series of blog posts on the topic of lust.

The Affair Part III is the final piece to complete this beautiful trilogy on conquering lust.

Once you have read The Affair & The Affair Part II, you will be fully ready to embrace the final destination to this week’s blog post!

Thank you for following this journey with me. Now, let’s continue!

By allowing God to guide me this time, I have new found revelations with lust than my former attempts.

I believe good things comes to those who wait.

I pray these truths will help us to be confident in total surrender!

Lust feeds off our guilt.

The reason why previously it was so difficult for me to abide in celibacy I felt the guilt any time I decided to engage.

The guilt would literally eat at me to the point where I felt “I already did it, so why should I start over?

In the moment of engaging, I would have a serious breakdown from making a concrete decision to just do it!

Eventually, I found myself in what I call, “The Cycle of Lust”.


This cycle determined every action of lust for me.

Subconsciously, I believed engaging was more pleasurable than starting over to sacrifice something I already lost.

As I now have allowed God to renew my mind, the solution to my former way of thinking is going to blow every person’s mind who reads this:

God’s Grace. Yep, that’s it!

In Lamentations 3, it reminds us of this truth.

22. The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease.

23. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning

God’s grace renews every day.

We no longer have to allow the action of lust to control us!

Some times you just got to move around!

My second revelation is similar to my run method from The Affair.

Whenever the urges come, some times we just got to move around a bit!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I lie in bed and stay in the same spot it’s like the desire gets stronger.

Sometimes, I will even get out of bed and the room!


I could be having a candid conversation and a flash back from some encounter come in my my mind. I will kindly end the conversation and walk away!

I believe the desire of lust comes from not simply being alone; it comes from act of being still.

Don’t believe me, try this method the next time lust comes your way!

Stop counting the days in celibacy!

As I shared in the previous blog posts, this is not my first attempt at celibacy.

I am proud to say I haven’t given up and I don’t plan to any time soon!

With that being said, I learned that counting the days hurts my process in moving forward.

The more I focused on the days without sex or masturbation the less God focus I would be.

An alternate route I choose is to celebrate my bond with God.

Celebrating a closer bond with God allows me to honor both time and the relationship!

By choosing to celebrate the bond, it distracts the mind from the lack of lust filled actions to being more focused on the faithfulness to God.

Lust Nuggets

Lust feeds off our guilt.

Our minds have the power to starve its craving!

Don’t Stay In That Spot, Move around!

When we choose to celebrate the amount of time, it causes us to become me focused and less God focused.

If you have a story related to lust to empower others, we want to hear it!

Send your story to:

We provide faith-based resources to help women grow stronger in faith.

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